About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Ellie Hilscher and I’m a senior at Drake University where I’m majoring in Digital Media Production and minoring in History. I currently am planning on graduating in the summer of 2019. I’m extremely passionate for telling stories, and enjoy working with great people to help make a difference. I love creating multimedia content specifically for my client’s needs in a professional and efficient way. I’ve worked with a wide variety of multimedia platforms from social media all the way to constant contact for email marketing. In my current position I created a website for my client along with running all of their social media. Along with social media content I have quite a bit of experience with videography and directing projects for classes and the Drake Magazine. I love using my multimedia experience in many platforms such as creating wedding videos, helping with event planning, and helping startup companies accomplish their goals.

Multimedia, videography, and cinematography isn’t all I do! I enjoy helping and working with animals such as dogs and horses. I’ve worked with horses most of my life and started riding when I was only four years old. I currently ride once a week and try to fit it into my busy schedule. Working with dogs is another passion of mine as my parents own two, and I raised one of them: the yellow lab named Honey. Whether it’s people or animals I enjoy accomplishing my goals and making sure I impact the world in a meaningful way. Thank you for stopping by website. I hope to be in contact soon!


Passions & Hobbies of Mine

Photography, working with animals, and babysitting children are all passions of mine that I’ve been doing over five years! Photography is something that I’ve been doing ever since I recieved my first camera when I was only 9 years old. Attached to the right are some pictures that I’ve taken, along with a photograph of the horse I rode for two years. I’ve been babysitting ever since I turned eleven years old. I have always enjoyed education and made sure to make it apart of my life at Drake University. I currently am working towards getting a Gifted Education Endorsement even though I’m not recieving a teaching degree. I’m extremely curious of the subject and love that it lines up with my passion of working with kids. I thrive tolearn every single day and to try and make a difference when I can!