Drake Magazine

I joined the Drake Magazine back in 2016 writing content for its fall-winter issue. The first piece I had the chance to do was Anytime Tacos, in which I used different ingredients to make taco shells. In 2017 I was hired to creatively write stories online which can be viewed here. I wrote until the summer, and then was hired this fall as Drake Magazine’s Social Media and Multimedia Editor. I now put together Behind The Scenes videos as well as promotional videos on our various platforms including: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

What Went Into My Pieces?

To the right are sliders that show each piece I’ve done. By clicking on them it will take you to that specific piece so you can read more. With Anytime Tacos I wrote the text and created each recipes. In All Bottled Up I wrote the piece and searched for specific eco-friendly water bottles to use. All of the other pieces on here are online articles in which I interviewed many people to create exciting, intruiging stories. Go check them out!