LeadingAge Iowa Projects

Marketing and Events Internship: Summer 2017


This summer I had the opporunity to work with Shannon Strickler, the CEO of LeadingAge Iowa and the rest of the team. At one point, the head manager took some time off to have a baby, so I stepped in to take over while she was gone. I learned all about Adobe InDesign and went on to design brochures, newsletters, and booklets for their annual Fall Conference. My roles included sending out a newsletter every other week (their Communique) and sending out an events newsletter the alternate week. I learned to work in a new setting where I was hands-on every single day. I personally sent emails and set up client interview times and recorded videos for Emerge, which is a LeadingAge Iowa leadership course. From June through September 2017 I grew a lot as I quickly and efficiently created content for this non-profit organization.

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